• 26 ott 2016
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The 2017 edition of the Metelli Group Brake Discs and Pads catalogue is already available, for METELLI, CIFAM, TRUSTING and FRI.TECH. brands, and can also be downloaded from the website at The publication, featuring all-new graphics, consists of more than 1,600 pages, with products designed for use on cars, light commercial vehicles, buses and trucks, produced by more than 140 car manufacturers worldwide. In addition to an update of the available products (1,600 brake pads and 1,300 discs), the brake pads section also features a number of new wear indicators (187 ref), available with a separate code. The catalogue, which is easy to use and intuitive, provides all the essential information required by dealers to make their selection, allowing them to provide workshops with the correct spare parts. The catalogue is further enriched by a system of cross-referencing with the OE samples for each part, complete with dimensional drawings which enable those looking for a specific component to make the right choice. Both the brake pads and discs provided in the catalogue are fully type-approved in accordance with the ECE R90 Regulation, which serves as a guarantee both in terms of safety and performance. The range of pads is now available with new and exclusive HybriX technology, providing exceptional braking performance and comfort, in full compliance with the legislation limiting copper content which is already in force in the United States (this legislation is soon to be rolled out across the whole of Europe). The new catalogue is the result of Metelli Group's unwavering commitment to Research & Development, with a view to providing the market with the latest applications, guaranteeing OE quality, and where possibile, improving the features and characteristics of the components produced.